DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery for Victims of East Coast Blizzard

DriveSavers is a world leader in data recovery, electronic investigation services, and eDiscovery. On January 26, 2016, this firm offered to help sufferers of the seasonal storm Jonas on issues relating to data recovery. Some cities along the coastal line were affected by this storm that wreaked havoc and affected major cities along this line. Jonas has become famous for sweeping up a large area. There was snowfall up to about 3 feet in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Baltimore. There was also a strong gust between 30 to 50 miles-per-hour. What suffered most was visibility which subsequently affected travel in the area.

In addition, the blizzard was the cause of death with about 33 deceased, while hundreds of thousands were left without power. Jonas came up with other mishaps such as flooding that affected some of the roads. The residents of these areas further experienced other losses, and even computers were not spared in this wake.DriverSavers came in to offer data recovery services to this region with $300 off its services. It was offering these services for single hard drives, smartphones and RAID systems that were affected either because of a power surge or water. These services came at an opportune time as the residents were assessing the kind of loses they had suffered.

DriveSavers President, Scott Moyer, sent out a statement declaring that his company would offer these specialized services to those who were affected in order to lessen their burden. Furthermore, there was no discrimination on who was going to benefits; individuals and corporates alike were served.DriveSavers boasts of 30 years of experience in recovering photos, videos, financial records, contact lists, tax documents and other critical information from hard drives. They are able to help you when your hard drive fails to spin smoothly or makes a strange noise as you use it.

Moreover, DriveSavers Company is easily reachable at 800.440.1904. The U.S. and has data recovery advisors on call 24/7. It provides dependable data recovery services across several industries. It further complies with information security regulation for financial, corporate, legal and healthcare sectors.In addition, DriveSavers publishes results of its annual audit for the public to scrutinize. Moreover, it complies with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations. It also follows requirements by Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Data Security Rule, U.S. government security protocols, and other regulations. The other good thing is that DriveSavers engineers are trained and proficient in all leading electronic investigation work and have reliable encryption software. Furthermore, DriveSavers serve clients such as Google, theBank of America, Lucasfilm, Harvard University and NASA.

DriveSavers is equally a highly reputed solution for those in need of data recovery services and is passionate about data recovery.

Best Practices For Data Protection And Recovery In The Cloud Unveiled

The best practices for data protection and recovery in the cloud have at last been unveiled. This will help many organizations guard against loss of information which may result to loss of customers, reduction in revenue, lack of trust and other consequences that may negatively affect an organization. Most of these practices are centered on cloud protection because it is less costly and highly scalable. They help companies manage and store useful data.

Organizations should create a comprehensive protection plan. The plan should include step by step instructions on what should be done in case there is a threat to information security. Such a plan helps to promote accountability especially when every employee is assigned work to contribute towards the general success of the plan. Firms should also make sure that the plan includes data back up schedule, the person that is in charge of managing cloud assets and one that will communicate to clients or customers in the event that data there is loss of data.

Firms should ensure that storage devices such as hard drives and SD are handled with care. This is because they contain vital information which if lost may negatively affect the organization. Proper handling will help to prevent any possible loss of data. Owing to the sensitivity of SD cards, it is advisable that they are not used for long-term storage.

Another important practice in a cloud is to back up data that has already been backed up. This is a very simple and cheap procedure that any organization can apply. For maximum data protection, it is recommended to have multiple layers of backups.

Companies should also restrict access to sensitive data. While it is important that employees get access to company information, they should be restricted to sensitive data. This helps to prevent exposure to breach.

Firms should also analyze metrics and test plans. This includes reviewing performance to determine how effective the practices are. The plan shouldn’t be rigid. Instead, it should be flexible to allow for changes.

In order to recover data, organizations can use software programs to extract lost data from storage devices such as hard drive. However, some of this software are very risky and can cause further damage. Besides, they have no customer support.

Organizations should try their best to adopt the above practices for data protection and recovery in the cloud. This will guarantee the safety of useful data.

Cloud Forward: CIOs Overcome Data Recovery Concerns

Chief Information officers now benefit greatly from cloud computing services and easily utilize these in their organizations. Cloud computing has come a long way from being just a theory in the 1950s, where mainframe computers were popular, to being a useful service. The advancement has however seen cloud computing develop into a behemoth in the past decade. It comes after the dot-com bubble burst in the 2000s that saw companies seriously engage in the development of cloud computing. Cloud computing is highly facilitated by the presence of high-capacity networks and low-cost computers. There is also the use of virtualization and service-oriented architecture. Companies can now put everything and anything into the cloud. The cloud technology has many applications as a service option. At the moment, CIOs can maximize return on investment with cloud technologies. Cloud providers offer better security than conventional on-premises technologies. They address the lingering availability concerns. It pays to incorporate cloud computing into the enterprise. It is one way to deal with data recovery by having an ever-present back-up in the cloud that is available from multiple locations. CIOs can do reality checks to assess their disaster recovery strategy and solutions to ensure that they are prepared for any eventualities.

Cloud services save the organization from having to build a physical data center and instead gain competitive advantage. Cloud services are also becoming more advanced and provide a platform to suit each Information Technology function. There are multiple benefits that arise from the use of cloud computing and some of them are cost savings, on-demand infrastructure for business agility and improved disaster recovery capabilities. Companies cutting across many sectors are further embracing cloud computing success, and you will find users in consulting education and health sectors. It is cost-efficient for everyday running. Cloud is also the solution for scalability and provides for the storage and capacity growth needs of companies. It is also a secure way to house and protect confidential data. In addition, CIOs are realizing that the pros of cloud services outweigh the cons and is turning out to be an optimal solution to IT operations. The important thing with cloud services is to have service level agreements between the contractors and contracted which will govern the relationship between the two.

Cloud services save your company from having to rebuild IT system after major disasters which arise from natural or man-made causes. Hurricane Katrina is one such example of a disaster that can harm your investment in technology. Cloud computing should be a strong consideration for most companies and many are weighing its benefits. It makes it easy to deal with the changing business climate, and the pressure to adapt. It also helps you deal with the problem of a limited budget. Still, cloud computing helps you deal with sudden spike workloads without wasting valuable resources. It similarly helps you provide for redundancy, and therefore prepare for disaster recovery. You are able to manage growth smoothly while balancing IT resources

In short, availability, scalability and cost effectiveness are all benefits of deploying the cloud infrastructure. It is a great way to deal with the volatile nature of the business environment and is something serious companies should consider.

EaseUS Finally Uncovers New Data Recovery Wizard 10.0

We all have been in a situation whereby due to probably power loss, we lost our important document, probably your final school project, work project or some personal document. We were frustrated and would have done anything to recover our documents. With EaseUS new date recovery wizard there is no more fear of losing your important data because the long-awaited data recovery wizard has been availed to the world. The new data recovery wizard 10.0 recover deleted files and is free. It ensures you find your lost documents, photos or folders. It is very easy to use, quick and accurate ensuring no data loss. The beauty in it is that you can choose what you want to recover in your comfort zone with just one click.

It has a devoted case support which has a five-star customer preview. It is very flexible and versatile because it can work in different media formats and allows you to preview whatever file or data you want to recover and to ensure no virus that can attack your device, it has an antivirus. It also can detect the error in your SD card can be used by different OS system including android, mac, windows, and iOS. It has different recovery tools which each has its own charge, so you can be able to choose one that is very suitable for your windows and one that you can afford. Each of them has its own advantage and the more it cost the advanced it is. It has various partition manager that vary, each has its own cost and depends on what you want for your device. The partition manager has the following content which allows unlimited usage within one company, it provides technical services to the users, it also resizes, move, split the partition and the beauty in it is that it is able to clone the partition and disk, can also upgrade system disk and migrate OS to SSD,

It can also be able to convert dynamic disk to basic, primary partition to logical and vice versa depending on what is easily accessible. It also has the Todo PC Tran which are a very powerful tool to migrate data from one pc to another or local disks. It is very convenient and reliable because it is compatible with almost all devices and it’s upgraded to work with the latest devices. It only transfers which you have selected not like other software that retrieves all data including the irrelevant ones. The best part about it is that it can retrieve data to about 16 TB! There are different of Todo Pc Tran and depending on what you want you can choose the most suitable one for you. This is the latest and an amazing upgrade for the EaseUS. They have definitely outdone themselves and it is clear in the customer review and the sales.



Great Achievement As DTI Data Recovery Develops Specialized Synology NAS RAID Data Recovery Tools

Great Achievement As DTI Data Recovery Develops Specialized Synology NAS RAID Data Recovery Tools.

DTI Data Recovery has developed specialized Synology NAS RAID data recovery tools that will help many companies recover data in the easiest and safest way possible. This development is expected to improve the safety of data and enhance its recovery, especially in complicated situations. The announcement comes after people’s hopes had been dashed following several attempts to come up with efficient recovery tools to no avail. This is, therefore, a major breakthrough in the field of internet and computing. The developed NAS RAID data recovery tools have the exceptional ability to recover lost data without altering the original content. This will help to prevent a situation where data is compromised in the recovery process.

According to DTI Data Recovery, these tools will successfully recover data that was lost regardless of the cause. This ranges from hardware failure, corruption by malicious persons as well as natural disasters. The tools will help to ensure that individuals and companies are able to recover their important information no matter the cause of loss. In addition, the data recovery tools developed by DTI will not only recover data from encrypted hard drives but also software and peripheral devices. Users will, therefore, be able to make maximum use of them especially in situations where they were initially unable to recover data. Various companies are expected to embrace them in their IT department to enhance the security of data.

DTI also made it clear that unlike other data recovery tools, these specialized NAS RAID tools come with superior performance. They will enable users to recover data fast and in the best way possible. This will prevent wasting of time so that individuals can concentrate on other activities. In addition, it will prevent the extent of damage and reduce loss to a considerable level. On top of that, these specialized data recovery tools come with extremely high-security protocols in order to meet the strict requirements of various companies and government agencies regarding data recovery process. This implies that their use is irrefutable. Besides, the company added that the developer tools are very safe to use. They will not lead to any loss of data in the recovery process. They come with incredible features will enable them to make sure that all the information is intact.

Much is expected from the specialized Synology NAS RAID data recovery tools. We can only wait to see how beneficial they will be to individual businesses, corporations and government agencies.