Design ideas for decorative porcelain stoneware tiles

The versatility and durability of porcelain stoneware tiles make them ideal for a wide range of decorative designs. Their ability to combine functionality and aesthetics makes them a popular choice in the world of interior design. However, when it comes to selecting patterns for these tiles, the possibilities sometimes seem endless, which can confuse even the most creative minds. 

To inspire your next project, here's a carefully chosen selection of patterns for porcelain stoneware tiles, each adding a distinct touch of elegance and style to your space.

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1. Modern geometry

Geometric patterns offer a contemporary aesthetic that blends harmoniously into modern, minimalist interiors. Clean lines and simple geometric shapes such as hexagons, diamonds and triangles create a dynamic visual while retaining a timeless elegance. The use of subtle colour contrasts can further accentuate the visual impact, adding depth and dimension to your space. Access the full article here.

2. Delicate floral

For a softer, more romantic feel, floral patterns are an exquisite choice. Patterns inspired by nature, such as flowers, leaves and branches, add an organic touch and a fresh feel to any room. Opt for pastel tones for a delicate, feminine feel, or dare bright colours to inject a dose of energy and vitality into your decor.

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3. Traditional craftsmanship

Designs inspired by traditional crafts add cultural richness and a touch of authenticity to your space. From Moroccan motifs to Portuguese azulejos and ethnic African patterns, each design tells a unique story and adds an artistic dimension to your walls and floors. These timeless designs transcend geographical boundaries to create a universal connection with history and tradition.

4. Marble effect

For classic, enhanced elegance, patterns imitating marble are unbeatable. The luxurious look of marble, with its natural veining and subtle nuances, adds a touch of finesse to any space. Whether you opt for pure white marble, dramatic black marble or elegant variations of grey, these patterns evoke timeless opulence and add glamour to your interior design.

5. Ethnic motifs

Ethnic motifs from diverse cultures around the world add cultural depth and visual intrigue to your spaces. Whether African tribal, Australian aboriginal or Native American, these designs offer a rich exploration of history and cultural diversity. By incorporating these motifs into your porcelain stoneware tiles, you create a link with ancestral traditions while adding a contemporary touch to your décor.

6. Art deco motifs

The Art Deco era, with its bold geometric patterns and elegant lines, continues to inspire contemporary design. Opt for patterns inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, such as zigzags, fans and stepped motifs, to bring a touch of retro glamour to your spaces. The bright colour combinations and attractive contrasts characteristic of Art Deco add a dose of elegance and happiness to your interiors.

7. Urban Industrial designs

For lovers of urban and industrial design, patterns inspired by the modern urban environment offer a contemporary and edgy aesthetic. Patterns reminiscent of concrete, metal and glass, combined with rough textures and dark colours, capture the raw, authentic essence of industrial spaces. These patterns add a touch of urban character to your interiors, creating a captivating contrast with the more traditional elements of your décor.


Porcelain stoneware tiles offer a blank canvas for expressing your creativity and personal style. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern aesthetic or prefer a traditional, hand-crafted charm, patterns for porcelain stoneware tiles offer endless possibilities for transforming your space into a living work of art.