DriveSavers Offers Data Recovery for Victims of East Coast Blizzard

DriveSavers is a world leader in data recovery, electronic investigation services, and eDiscovery. On January 26, 2016, this firm offered to help sufferers of the seasonal storm Jonas on issues relating to data recovery. Some cities along the coastal line were affected by this storm that wreaked havoc and affected major cities along this line. Jonas has become famous for sweeping up a large area. There was snowfall up to about 3 feet in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Baltimore. There was also a strong gust between 30 to 50 miles-per-hour. What suffered most was visibility which subsequently affected travel in the area.

In addition, the blizzard was the cause of death with about 33 deceased, while hundreds of thousands were left without power. Jonas came up with other mishaps such as flooding that affected some of the roads. The residents of these areas further experienced other losses, and even computers were not spared in this wake.DriverSavers came in to offer data recovery services to this region with $300 off its services. It was offering these services for single hard drives, smartphones and RAID systems that were affected either because of a power surge or water. These services came at an opportune time as the residents were assessing the kind of loses they had suffered.

DriveSavers President, Scott Moyer, sent out a statement declaring that his company would offer these specialized services to those who were affected in order to lessen their burden. Furthermore, there was no discrimination on who was going to benefits; individuals and corporates alike were served.DriveSavers boasts of 30 years of experience in recovering photos, videos, financial records, contact lists, tax documents and other critical information from hard drives. They are able to help you when your hard drive fails to spin smoothly or makes a strange noise as you use it.

Moreover, DriveSavers Company is easily reachable at 800.440.1904. The U.S. and has data recovery advisors on call 24/7. It provides dependable data recovery services across several industries. It further complies with information security regulation for financial, corporate, legal and healthcare sectors.In addition, DriveSavers publishes results of its annual audit for the public to scrutinize. Moreover, it complies with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations. It also follows requirements by Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Data Security Rule, U.S. government security protocols, and other regulations. The other good thing is that DriveSavers engineers are trained and proficient in all leading electronic investigation work and have reliable encryption software. Furthermore, DriveSavers serve clients such as Google, theBank of America, Lucasfilm, Harvard University and NASA.

DriveSavers is equally a highly reputed solution for those in need of data recovery services and is passionate about data recovery.

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